The idea for a CERN Women in Technology group began in early 2016, when several new members of the IT department realized that the Women in Technology networks from which they had benefited at university and in industry did not exist at CERN, or even in the Geneva area.

After speaking with like-minded colleagues, they decided to found a group at CERN where colleagues could exchange ideas on common topics and share career advice and experiences. Thus the “Women in Technology at CERN” grass-roots community came on the scene, to complement the other professional community networks within the diverse CERN environment.

Steering Committee

  • Florentia Protopsalti – IT Department – Networking
  • Erica Brondolin – EP Department – Social Media
  • Kate Whalen – EP Department – Social Media
  • Simona Kriva – IR Department – Mentoring
  • Adriana Telesca – EP Department – Communications
  • Eva Gousiou – BE Department – Talks
  • Maria Alandes – IT Department – Outreach

Steering Committee Alumni

CERN is a place where many people come and go. WIT has had the privilege of counting on the energy, motivation and ideas of incredible women. Luckily for us, some of them are still around and are very active in the community. Others already left CERN, continuing successful careers elsewhere. We are very happy to still keep in touch with many of them. We are very thankful to each one of our former members of the steering committee, without whom WIT would have not gone that far.

  • Oksana Shadura
  • Rachel Bray
  • Ellen Milne
  • Cinzia Pinzoni
  • Cath Noble
  • Coralie Neubuser
  • Sunje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Hannah Short
  • Denia Bouhired-Ferrag
  • Sima Baymani
  • Aniko Rakai

Contact Us

Send a mail to if you want to get in touch with us.