6 to 9 years old

Unplugged Programming

Learn the basics of programming logic using paper mazes. Based on material from 1,2,3 Codez.

Workshop description + Support Guide (PDF Only in French)

Workshop printouts

Booklet in PDF (FrenchEnglish)

Inside a Computer?

Understand the inner workings of a computer and build your own paper model. Based on material from Hello Ruby.

Workshop Description

Pixel pARTicles

Learn more about pixels and particles!

Empty Grid in PDF

Booklet in PDF (English) (French)

Colouring Book

Learn the different computer components while colouring!

Booklet in PDF (French)

Particle Physics Treasure Hunt

This is a family or school activity with 5 challenges to learn more about CERN and Particle Physics. The challenges are available in two levels: children who can’t read yet (help from an adult needed) and children who can read. Use your school playground or nearby park, to hide the challenges and enjoy with your family and friends!

Printouts in PDF (French)

Build your own LHC

Use your imanigation and recycle old material (empty WC paper rolls, buiscuit boxes, etc). You just need some glue and paper color to decorate. Do you have other ideas? Please, share them with us! wit-sc@cern.ch

10 to 14 years old

Introduction to Programming

Interactive game and online tutorial to introduce programming with scratch. Based on material from code.org

Workshop Description

What is a website?

Interactive game and online tutorial to learn about how websites work and are programmed.

Workshop Description