Data Privacy

CERN considers it important to collect and process only such personal data as is required for the functioning of the Organization.

This Privacy Notice details the processing that is unique to the WIT Mentoring Programme. It does not address processing by other services on which this Service may rely and which have their own Privacy Notice.

The terms “Us”, “We” and “WMPC” in this Privacy Notice refers to the WIT Mentoring Programme Committee. This consists of:

Maria Alandes PradilloWIT Steering Committee
Simona KrivaWIT Steering Committee & Mentoring Coordinator
Valentina CasadeiWIT Mentoring Coordinator
Daniela AntonioWIT Mentoring Volunteer

Personal Data

The personal data we collect, and how it’s used:  

Personal DataPurposeBasis 1Source
First name and Last nameIdentificationLegitimate interestYou
Department and GroupFor statisticsLegitimate interestYou
Primary emailAuthentication, identification and contactLegitimate interestYou
Current Job titleFor statisticsLegitimate interestYou
Current job responsibiltiesTo help the committee for matching with mentorLegitimate interestYou
Career background and skillsTo help the committee for matching with mentorLegitimate interestYou
Mentee/mentor experienceFor you to share your experienceLegitimate interestYou
Expectations of the programTo help the committee in selecting mentees
To provide starting objectives and baseline for participants’ experience in the pilot
Legitimate interestYou
Specific support requestedTo help tailor the mentor/mentee relationship to requirementsLegitimate interestYou
Further informationTo help tailor the mentor/mentee relationship to requirements
For you to share your experience
Legitimate interestYou
Records of exchange with youFor the WMPC to manage the relationship with youLegitimate interestYou, WMPC
Feedback form asking about objectives, outcomes
and opinions on the pilot program
For the committee to assess the overall success of the programLegitimate interestYou

Participant data is collected via the online form on this Drupal website, protected by the CERN Single Sign-on (SSO). It is stored on a Drupal server which is hosted onsite by CERN.

Records of exchanges with you are kept on the CERN e-mail servers.

Who at CERN has access and why

Access to the stored data is only granted by membership to the WIT Mentoring Progam Committee egroup. Access will be via this website as soon as the mentor pilot is launched.

In addition to yourself, the data collected by us is accessible by the following services, teams or individuals at CERN:

Personal DataWhoPurpose
First name and Last nameWMPC, Assigned mentorIdentification
Department and GroupWMPCFor anonymised statistics
Primary emailWMPCAuthentication, identification and correspondence
Current Job titleWMPCFor anonymised statistics
Current job responsibiltiesWMPCTo help the committee for matching with mentor
Career background and skillsWMPCTo help the committee for matching with mentor
Mentee/mentor experienceWMPCFor anonymised statistics
Expectations of the programWMPCMonitoring performance indicators
Specific support requestedWMPCMonitoring performance indicators
Records of exchange with youWMPCFor the WMPC to manage the relationship with you
Feedback form asking about objectives, outcomes
and opinions on the pilot program
WMPCFor the committee to assess the overall success of the program

Personal Data we keep

The personal data we store, for how long and why:

Personal DataRetention period 2Purpose
First name and Last nameUntil 31 Dec 2022Identification
Department and GroupUntil 31 Dec 2022Statistics
Primary emailUntil 31 Dec 2022Authentication, identification and correspondence.
To follow up on progress of the pilot
Current Job titleUntil 31 Dec 2022To evaluate the pilot program
Current job responsibiltiesUntil 31 Dec 2022To evaluate the pilot program
Career background and skillsUntil 31 Dec 2022To evaluate the pilot program
Records of exchange with you5 years or until you opt out of the schemeTo follow up the progress of the pilot

Privacy Rights and requesting access to your personal data

You have the right to:

  • Request access to your personal data stored by the WMPC and be provided with a copy of such data.
  • Request a correction to personal data held about you by the WMPC, where the data are inaccurate, unnecessary, excessive or incomplete.
  • Object to the processing that this Service is making concerning your data.
  • Request temporary suspension on the processing of your personal data.
  • Have your personal data provided to you in a convenient digital portable format.
  • Request deletion of your personal data where it is no longer necessary to process them or where they have not been processed according to CERN’s internal legislation.

For more detailed information about your rights please refer to the Office of Data Protection web site.

For questions regarding your rights please contact the Office of Data Protection.

This Privacy Notice is subject to revision.


If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, or have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, we request that you raise your concern with the WIT Mentoring Programme Committee in the first instance. Alternatively, you can contact the Office for Data Privacy Protection at

1 Description of legal basis for processing of Personal Data by the Service

  • Contract: To fulfil a contractual relationship with the individual, or in preparation for a contract with the individual.
  • Legal Obligation: To comply with a legal obligation of CERN.
  • Consent: By having received and recorded consent from the individual.
  • Legitimate interest of CERN: In the legitimate interests of CERN supporting the professional activities of the individual or their security and safety.

2 Retention Period. The retention period may be temporarily extended for special circumstances, in accordance with the provisions of the operation circular governing data privacy.